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[vCJD] 賈庫柏症。血液篩檢

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Wednesday 2nd December 2009
I have investigated the scandal of BSE and its lethal pathogen vCJD for over 2 years. Despite bullying, intimidation, disrespect and threats I have uncovered a catalogue of lies, corruption and cover-ups at the highest levels of government and society.



This has been perpetuated and continued by various government departments, their officials and members of the establishment, to protect those named on this website and to hide the fact that all victims past, present and those unfortunately to come were unlawfully infected and killed. One of the many false reassurances the UK public are being given by the Department of Health and the Government is the numbers that have died and will die of vCJD.



Other journalists and campaigners have written about this corruption and manipulation of facts and figures. As far back as 2000 Kevin Toolis in an article for The Guardian newspapers reported on the cluster of cases of vCJD victims in Queinborough, Leicestershire, (Epidemic in Waiting[O1] , September 22nd Page 22):

2000年, Guardian報的Kevein Toolis,就報導過在QueinboroughLeicestershire的一群vCJD受害者。(922Epidemic in Waiting中,第22)

‘Mysteriously the National CJD Surveillance Unit charged with tracking the human form of BSE at first denied the clusters existence, but then reversed its position after local newspapers uncovered the existence of a fourth then fifth victim.’



I have discovered within 24 miles of our home in Southsea at least 8 young people have died of vCJD and many more victims of Sporadic CJD (the naturally occurring form of the disease so rare it only affects one in a million?) This according to the CJD unit is not a cluster of cases? And there is no connection with any of the victims?

24英哩的Southsea小鎮,至少有8人死於vCJD,那兒還有更多Sporadic CJD的受害者(Sporadic CJD指的是原型CJD,這自然出現的疾病是如此罕見,僅影響了百萬分之一的人口?)。依據CJD督察單位表示這並不是一群人?而且,受害者之間並無關聯性?


I found that two vCJD victims went to the same school, two had polio vaccines from the same clinic, batch and at the same time, and that many of these victims had connections with a particular area. There are clusters of cases all over the UK ….but this is strongly denied by the Government and CJD unit.



I have recently changed the home page and its contents to reflect the evidence I have gathered and the facts that I have discovered….the official government statistics are around 171 UK victims who have died of vCJD. (See below revised homepage text)


‘These are the official government statistics in reality hundreds of innocent people have been killed by vCJD , thousands of individuals many of them children under 16 have been affected by vCJD and tens of thousands[O2]  of us may be silently carrying the disease 





Saturday 28th November 2009


Another young person has been diagnosed with vCJD; Dean Burrell from West Norfolk is just twenty five and newly married with a four year old daughter and 18month old son.

vCJD。來自West NorfolkDean Burrell,剛滿25歲,才剛結婚,有個四歲的女兒和18個月大的兒子。


My thoughts and love are with Dean and his wife Sarah; check out the link to a news feature about this young couple who are facing the illness with amazing strength with the support of their family and friends.



This young family not only face the prospect of months of pain and anguish they are already in financial difficulties….. Whilst John Gummer MP…who allowed and condoned the use of BSE material in the food/medicine chain …


Whose constituency is in the area, resides in a manor house and lives in the lap of luxury….is this justice……?


這個年輕的家庭不僅將面對未來幾個月的苦楚,另方面,已有財務困難,困擾著他們。當John Gummer MP批准且開放了BSE原料使用在食物與藥品鍊中..




Thursday 26th November 2009


Check out this link from BBC news regarding blood and vCJD…...and the need to filter and screen all individuals who may be silently carrying vCJD.


相關資料請參考連結 http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/8380065.stm

Tuesday 24th November 2009


Below is a link to a newspaper article about Edward Peduzie who died in October aged 26 of vCJD, near Calne, Wiltshire, UK.

Edward Peduzie的新聞報導,他住在英國Wiltshire臨近Calne,年26歲,在10月份因vCJD死亡。


Edward was one of the longest survivors of vCJD as he had been treated with pentosan, a controversial drug which seems to slow down the process of the disease. Edward was diagnosed with vCJD in 2003.



Unfortunately although Pentosan slows down the progression of vCJD in some victims it does not repair or reverse any brain damage. This is why blood screening is so important because if we can diagnosis the disease before symptoms appear then treatments can be given at the earliest stages.



I met Edward and his father Paul this summer and it was a privilege to meet such a devoted father and spend a precious day with Edward, whose cheeky smile and gentle manner will remain with me.