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[Chat] 戰地記者的殞落 - Tim Hetherington

Restrepo - 15人小組在阿富汗Korengal的部屬記錄

The photographers, Tim Hetherington & Chris hondros, were both killed on Wednesday. Their life transformed into another status. There are two other colleagues also injured. ...The very early morning, I read this post from a FB friend. I always respect those journalists who works in battle field and the frontline. That is some place that bullets don't select who you are. And for those reporters that facing life and death, guns and bumbs every moment. Lots of them choose their mission to be there. Recording the moments of life confronting. They sealed a powerful moment to precipitate the value of battle and truth. Are those words from the managements truly for a human goal or to the altimate, they are only the selfish action show?  By using the lifes to exchange someone's "pist off"?

戰地記者轉換另一個生命型式的告別,Tim Hetherington與Chris Hondros 傷重過世。同時,當時在他們身旁的兩位影像同事,身受重傷。...今天,非常早的凌晨看到FB友貼上的訊息...對於戰地記者,我總有一分敬意,因為,前線是個子彈不留情之處,而這些目睹著死亡和槍桿的記者們,是自願選擇前往這樣的場域,記錄關於生命對峙時的猛烈碰撞。經常用鏡頭,安靜有力的提供一個思索的時刻,人們的這些,真的是為了一個遠大的理想,還只是一段關於自私的行動劇場?而人們用生命換取的,或許只是一種kimochi?那...真的很冤枉~

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Tim is the director of Restrepo, they used an experimental shooting to recording a 90 mins more subordination with the most realy without any offical intefierence.

Tim是Restrepo的導演,這是一部為了紀念美軍醫護兵在阿富汗卡林哥Korengal Valley部屬而喪生而拍攝的實驗性拍影片。Restrepo是15人駐紮隊對名。此地,是美軍公認所有駐紮點中最危險的地區,導演將攝影機放置在山谷中,沒有擺入任何大官或將軍的訪談,有90分鐘帶觀眾置身於軍事部屬行動中。


另一個剪輯,一起欣賞。Another clip you can have a look.


整個運作和描述的內容)Althogh the translation is not 60% correct, but it's better then nothing. At list you can have some idea about what they are talking about. Followings are the photos that took right before they died.



New York times (紐約時報)網頁中的節錄,我喜歡他說的這一段話...

“We live in a post-photographic world. If you are interested in photography, then you are interested in something — in terms of mass communication — that is past. I am interested in reaching as many people as possible.

Lynsey Addario, no stranger to the perils posed by conflict (“It’s What I Do”), remembered the day in 2007 in Afghanistan when she and Mr. Hetherington were trapped under fire. Ms. Addario was on assignment for The Times Magazine, Mr. Hetherington for Vanity Fair. “We were ambushed from both sides,” she recalled. “It was a terrifying situation. I was trying to find a place to hide, to shield myself. And I remember looking over and there was Tim — just calmly sitting up, filming the whole ambush on a video camera. And I thought to myself, ‘Oh my God, I want to be a photographer like him.’ ”

對於"那就是我在做的事情.."面對險境時所呈現的衝突並不陌生的Lynsey Addario,回憶著2007年,她和Tim在阿富汗被大火困住的情景。當時,時代雜誌派她過去,Tim則是為浮華世界工作。她回憶道,"我們碰到兩側的埋伏,那情況真是嚇人,當時我試著找地方躲藏,試著掩蔽,我記得當時環顧四周,Tim就在那兒,正試著爬起身,記錄整個埋伏攻擊的過程。我跟我自己說,"我的天哪!我要當一個像他一樣的攝影師。"...



What curious me is how he was being raised? what were his background? how a family can influenc a life to explore himself by a missionary targeting? A leading of observation, a leading to the most valuable thing in core. To find out the most original, the very beauty of a life...




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For the language topic I've mentioned to the NTAs, why does understand English or other language important? Cause, in this kind of condition, wheather you can understand or not all depend on how much you know the language. From another aspect, sometimes we can not sure wheather the tranlation can show the original meaning of the content. But, we also don't have to worry cause there are thousands of elites devoted themselves into the voice interpretation technology, we will got chance to meet the more advanced tool while facing the language transforming situation.